Together 1956


This movie is a little gem and well worth watching

“Together” is the fictional account of two deaf-mutes who roam the East End of London followed by a group of children who scoff at them. Filmed in black and white, 16 mm, the film is first and foremost the portrait of a place, its people and even its cloudy climate. Mazetti approaches these characters with affection: children, mothers and workers walk the streets of this suburb of London where you can observe the industrial city in the background. However, Mazetti’s optics are not very acidic, and their value lies in the landscape portrayal of the city, not so much in a critical sense, but in an atmospheric sense.

Directors: Lorenza Mazzetti, Denis Horne
Writer: Denis Horne
Stars: Michael Andrews, Eduardo Paolozzi,


Author: Old Boy

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