Don Q, Son of Zorro 1925


Imdb 7.1

Story line

Don Cesar de Vega, son of Zorro, is in Spain for his education. By way of education, he duels with Don Sebastian of the Queen’s Guard (soon to be his rival for the hand of lovely Dolores de Muro), makes love, and befriends the visiting Archduke of Austria. But a quarrel ending in violence gives Don Sebastian the chance to dispose of his rival…by framing him for murder! Feigning suicide, Cesar escapes. Being a chip off the old block, a whip-wielding outlaw (this being his weapon rather than the sword) sets out to clear the name of Vega… Written by Rod Crawford <>


Starring: Douglas Fairbanks, Mary Astor, Donald Crisp, Warner Oland, Jean
Hersholt, Lottie Pickford
Directed by Donald Crisp
Produced by Douglas Fairbanks



Author: Old Boy

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