Manon Lescaut 1926

Manon Lescaut is a 1926 silent German feature film based on the oft-filmed[1] novel by Abbe Prevost. It stars Lya De Putti and was directed by Arthur Robison. It was produced and distributed by renowned German film company Universum Film AG better known as UFA. A young actress named Marlene Dietrich had a supporting role in this production. A set decorator on this film was the soon to be American Expatriate Paul Leni, who would find great success as a director in Hollywood.[2]

In 1927, an American version was made, When a Man Loves.

A French adventurer studying for the priesthood fights to save a woman in the life of prostitution.


Director: Arthur Robison
Writers: Hans Kyser, Arthur Robison
Stars: Lya De Putti, Vladimir Gajdarov, Eduard Rothauser, Marlene Dietrich.



Author: Old Boy

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