La Roue 1923


Imdb 7.6

La Roue ( “The Wheel”) is a French silent film, directed by Abel Gance, who also directed Napoléon and J’accuse!. It was released in 1923. The film used then-revolutionary lighting techniques, and rapid scene changes and cuts.

Story line – A railroad engineer (Séverin-Mars) adopts an orphaned girl (Ivy Close), then his son (Pierre Magnier) falls in love with her

Director: Abel Gance
Writer: Abel Gance
Stars: Séverin-Mars, Ivy Close, Gabriel de Gravone

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Author: Old Boy

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  1. Will have to check this one out, thanks for sharing as always. We’ve got a rough draft out for our new short story called Eatin an Eskimo and as always we would love your feedback


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