Judex 1916


Judex is the title of a 1916 silent 12 part French film serial concerning the adventures of Judex, who is a pulp hero, similar to The Shadow, created by Louis Feuillade and Arthur Bernède.

The video below covers the entire serial including the prologue and epilogue


Story Line:- A mysterious avenger identifying himself only as Judex – “Justice” – threatens successful banker Favraux (Louis Leubas) with ruin if he doesn’t repent his crimes and give half his fortune to charity. A vagrant ex-con named Kerjean (Gaston Michel) appears, also demanding redress from Favraux; Kerjean was one of thousands bilked by Favraux’s shady financial schemes. Although Favraux hires amusing detective Cocantin (Marcel Lévesque) for protection, Judex claims the banker will die precisely at 10PM if his demands aren’t carried out. Favraux’s widowed daughter Jaqueline (Yvette Andréyor) knows nothing of his crimes and only wants to be happy with her tiny son Jean (Olinda Mano), but she’ll soon prove her character by abandoning her father’s ill-gotten gains. Hovering around the Favraux millions are opportunistic thieves and schemers Robert Moralés (Jean Devalde) and Diana Monti (Musidora), who has gone so far as to assume a false identity to work in Favraux’s castle. And somewhere in the shadows lurks the mysterious Judex, offering Jaqueline protection from kidnappers and extortionists.

Director: Louis Feuillade
Writers: Arthur Bernède, Louis Feuillade
Stars: René Cresté, Musidora, René Poyen




Author: Old Boy

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