Atlantis 1913


A young biologist, whose wife has to be taken to an insane asylum, travels to Berlin where he falls in love with a dancer. When he learns that she is travelling to the United States, he decides to travel on the same ocean liner. The ship sinks in the Atlantic and he saves her. Will this lead to the expected romantic conclusion?

August Blom, a famous Danish director and actor, directed more than hundred films between 1910 and 1925, Atlantis being one of the more successful. It is an adaptation of the eponymous novel by German writer and Nobel Prize winner Gerhart Hauptmann. The book describes in particular the sinking of an ocean-liner in mid-Atlantic and was published just four weeks before the Titanic disaster. The film was released one year later and the scene of the ship sinking created some controversy. The film was prohibited in Norway as it was found bad taste to make a film about a disaster. The film eventually the most successful Danish film at the time.

Director: August Blom
Writers: Axel Garde, Gerhart Hauptmann (novel)
Stars: Olaf Fønss, Ida Orloff, Ebba Thomsen




Author: Old Boy

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