A Message from Mars 1913



A Message From Mars (1913) is a British science fiction film. In September 2014, the British Film Institute announced that they were putting the restored feature film online on their website.

The restored version is longer, and restores the original tinting and toning of the film

Horace Parker (Hawtrey) is a wealthy young man who is exceedingly selfish and self-centered. Not only is he a miser, but he also expects his friends (and everyone else) to conduct their lives according to his personal convenience.

Parker is engaged to Minnie Templer (Bell), but Minnie has discovered Parker’s selfishness and she is on the brink of calling off the engagement.

However, on Christmas Eve, a messenger from Mars comes to Earth to show Parker the error of his ways. The two of them become invisible and eavesdrop on all the terrible—and true—things Parker’s friends and family are saying about him.


Director: Wallett Waller
Cast: Charles Hawtrey, E. Holman Clark, Hubert Willis, Frank Hector, Crissie Bell


Author: Old Boy

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