The Love Expert 1920


As described in a film magazine,[3] Babs (Constance Talmadge) is sent home from boarding school because she persists in carrying out her fanciful love researches instead of studying her lessons. Continuing these experiments at home, her father, the influential and stern John Hardcastle (Lucy), punishes her by sending Babs to stay with Aunt Cornelia (Spaulding) in Boston instead of taking her to Palm Beach. However, in Boston Babs finds fertile ground for her experiments. Aunt Cornelia has been for six years engaged to Jim Winthrop (Halliday), but a wedding seems remote as Jim has two unmarried sisters and an elderly aunt to look after. Something has to be done, so Babs sends a fake telegram which results in her going to Palm Beach accompanied by her troupe of Bostonians, much to the amazement of her father. Romance after romance follows in the wake of her experiments. Then comes the news that Aunt Cornelia, who was left behind in Boston, has married a college professor. That news does not break Jim’s heart, for the “love expert” uses one of her unfailing remedies …Wiki


Director: David Kirkland
Writers: John Emerson, Anita Loos
Stars: Constance Talmadge, John Halliday, Arnold Lucy


Author: Old Boy

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