The Adorable Cheat 1928



IMDB 7.3

The daughter of a wealthy industrialist wants to take over the company when her father retires, but the father–an old-fashioned sort who doesn’t believe that “girls” belong in business–is planning on leaving the company to her wastrel playboy brother. In order to prove to her dad that she can handle the job, she disguises herself as an ordinary “working girl” and gets a job in her dad’s plant. There she meets and falls in love with a clerk. She brings the young man home to meet her folks, but during the evening the family safe is robbed, and all signs point to her new boyfriend.
– Written by

Director: Burton L. King
Writers: De Leon Anthony (titles), Arthur Hoerl
Stars: Lila Lee, Cornelius Keefe, Burr McIntosh

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Author: Old Boy

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