Lorna Doone 1922


As a young girl, aristocrat Lorna (Madge Bellamy) meets and befriends John Ridd (John Bowers), a sweet farm boy whom she immediately adores. Soon after, Lorna is kidnapped by Sir Ensor Doone (Frank Keenan) and raised among his band of outlaws, unaware of her royal lineage. Good-natured Sir Ensor protects Lorna from the others — but when he becomes gravely ill, a young, violent outlaw decides to claim Lorna as his own. She soon realizes that she must somehow contact John, so he can rescue her.
Initial release: October 1, 1922
Director: Maurice Tourneur
Story by: R. D. Blackmore

Stars: Madge Bellamy, Mae Giraci, John Bowers







Author: Old Boy

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