Romance of The Western Chamber (1927)


Chinese Film with English subs


Based on Wang Shi-Fu’s (Yuan Dynasty, 1234-1368) famous play of the same title, Romance of the Western Chamber (Xixiang Ji), the 1927 silent film version is one of the greatest play to film adaptations in early Chinese cinema. The film was shown in Paris in summer 1928; and released in London the following year. Romance of the Western Chamber swept Europe off its feet, receiving acclaimed reviews from local newspapers. This screening of Romance of the Western Chamber features music composed by Hong Kong composer Chan Ming-chi and performed live by the Hong Kong New Music Ensemble. Through contemporary music, this screening will bring audience a new experience of the glorious past of early Chinese cinema.
Directors: Hou Yao, Lai Man-Wai
Screenplay: Hou Yao
Production company: Minxin Film Company
Story by: Wang Shifu
Cast: Cho-cho Lam, Lee Ya-Ching, Yaoting Zhu, Cijiang Ge, Chichang Hu, He Minzhuang, T. K. Kar, Tsao Yao Dein



Author: Old Boy

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