Mare Nostrum 1926


German spy Freya Talberg (Alice Terry) seduces Spanish sea captain Ulysses Farragut (Antonio Moreno) to use his neutral ship, the “Mare Nostrum,” to transport supplies to a German submarine. Freya assures Ulysses the submarine will respect neutrality, but soon after, the sub sinks a ship carrying Ulysses’ son. Grief-stricken and bitter, Ulysses offers his ship to the French to pursue the Germans — while Freya, guilty over her involvement with the sinking, tries to withdraw from spying.

Director: Rex Ingram
Screenplay: Vicente Blasco Ibáñez
Music composed by: William Axt
Produced by: Rex Ingram

Alice Terry as Freya Talberg
Antonio Moreno as Ulysses Ferragut
Apollon (Louis Uni) as The Triton
Álex Nova as Don Esteban Ferragut
Kada-Abd-el-Kader as Young Ulysses
Hughie Mack as Caragol
Mickey Brantford as Esteban Ferragut
Mademoiselle Kithnou as Dona Cinta (as Kithnou)
Rosita Ramírez as Pepita, Ulysses’ Niece
Frédéric Mariotti as Toni, the Mate
Pâquerette as Doctor Fedelmann (as Mme. Paquerette)
Fernand Mailly as Count Kaledine
Andrews Engelmann as Submarine Commander (as André von Engelman)

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