Gustaf Wasa del 1 &2 1928


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The story takes its beginning in 1518 , the Danish King Christian II has taken Sweden. Sten Sture the younger appeal to all loyal subjects to resist. The offer reaches the farmer Mats Waltersson in Dalarna , Sweden’s heart and he gathers his men.

Dalmas were going from house to house, they do not want a Dane on the throne. At Brännkyrka outside Stockholm is a battle between the Danes and Swedes. Swedes win and the Swedish riksbaneret out during the Battle of Gustav Eriksson Vasa .

But after his defeat, the Danish king who by no means given up on a sinister plan, he calls for a meeting with Sten Sture the Younger – but will not itself to the meeting. Instead, he takes the Swedes to capture and bring them to Denmark , among these are Gustaf Wasa. Wasa becomes prisoner of kalo castle in Jutland , but he manages to escape and get to Lubeck , disguised as a peasant. He also manages to return to Sweden, where setbacks are piling up.

Sten Sture is wounded during a battle against the Danes in West and on the way back to Stockholm he dies. In Stockholm, his wife Kristina Sture long bravely resisted against the besiegers Danes, but she soon forced to surrender. It looks bleak for the Swedes

Director: John W. Brunius
Writer: Ivar Johansson
Stars: Gösta Ekman, Edvin Adolphson, Hugo Björne

King Christian II rides busy street by Sweden which he now put under him, while he remembers what he did against the Swedes at the Stockholm Bloodbath .

In dala heels walk a lonely man, dressed as a peasant. It’s the one the Danes would prefer to get hold of – Gustaf Eriksson Vasa . He goes from Rankhyttan to Ornäs , where he is kindly received by the farmer Arendt Persson, but Arendt is a deceitful man who has thought enter Wasa to the Danish bailiff. But Arendt’s wife helps Wasa to escape and he continues his long journey …


Author: Old Boy

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