Hårda viljor (Iron Wills) 1923



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Looking at John W. Brunius filmography he would often film Scandinavian stories like of Karl XII and Gustaf Wasa, and literature, for example Bjørnstjerne Bjørnson’s “Synnöve Solbakken”, and here Knut Hamsun’s “Sværmere”. And with Hårda viljor we get a good mix of serious with the comedy touches as the story takes place in a small village kept alive by a glue factory. The lead part is played by Norwegian actor Eugen Skjønberg (father of well known Espen Skjønberg). He plays a guy that invents a better and cheaper type of glue and tries to sell it to the factory. However he is laughed out of the building and has to come up with a way to get money to prove his claim. So when a reward for solving a robbery comes, he admits to the crime to collect the money. The story becomes a little absurd after a while, but in a way it helps make it memorable with Skjønberg and factory owner Gustav Ranft putting on solid performances, along with the village originals who bring the laughs.

Director: John W. Brunius
Writers: Sam Ask, John W. Brunius
Stars: Karin Alexandersson, Solveig Bang, Lilla Bye


Author: Old Boy

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