The Saphead 1920


Released in September 1920: Bertie, the saphead son of a wealthy New York Stock Exchange member is framed with love letters to a mistress that actually belong to his scoundrel brother-in-law.
Directed by Herbert Blache and Winchell Smith
Written by Bronson Howard , Victor Mapes, June Mathis and Winchell Smith
The Actors: Buster Keaton (Bertie Van Alstyne), William H. Crane (Nicholas Van Alstyne), William H. Crane (Agnes Gates), Carol Holloway (Rose Turner), Edward Jobson (Reverend Murray Hilton), Edward Connelly (Mr. Musgrave), Edward Alexander (Watson Flint), Irving Cummings (Mark Turner), Odette Taylor (Mrs. Cornelia Opdyke), Jack Livingston (Doctor George Wainright), Katherine Albert (Hattie), Henry Clauss (velet), Alfred Hollingsworth (Hathaway), Helen Holte (Henrietta Reynolds), Jeffrey Williams (Hutchins)

Author: Old Boy

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