A Christmas Accident 1912


Rich Mr. and Mrs. Gilton live next door to a large family that struggles to make ends meet. Despite their desire to be friendly, Mr. Gilton the Scrooge-like miser is frequently irritated by his neighbors, insisting that they stay out of his yard. He blames the family for anything that goes wrong, including the sad death of his dog, who was mysteriously poisoned. However, during the holiday season, the differences between the two families become even clearer. Mrs. Gilton wants to do something to help their neighbors, but Mr. Gilton will take a lot of convincing. She gets her way, by “accident”. It takes the unintentional gift of giving by Mr. Gilton for him to see and feel the real meaning of Christmas. The ultimate revelation comes to him when a little girl from the needy family offers him her teddy bear “because his doggie died”.

Director: Harold M. Shaw




Author: Old Boy

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