Leaves from Satan’s Book 1921


Also known as
Leaves Out of the Book of Satan
Blade of Satan’s Bog

Satan has been cast out from hell and banished to Earth under decree of heaven. He can return, only through a series of temptations. However, for every soul who gives in to his tempting, one hundred years are added to his sentence. For every soul who resists, one thousand years are removed from his sentence. The film follows Satan throughout much of recorded history.

Quoting the film directly, God said to Satan, “But know thee that for each man yielding to thy temptation the doom upon thee shalt be prolonged by one hundred years, but for each one resisting thee, thou shalt be relieved of 1000 years of thy judgment. Get thee away and continue thy evil doings.”

Director: Carl Theodor Dreyer


Author: Old Boy

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