Ashes of Vengeance 1923


When Empress Catherine of France launches an attack on French Protestants known as Huguenots, the Comte de la Roche saves the life of his enemy, the Huguenot Rupert de Vrieac, by making him an indentured servant in his castle. Rupert falls in love with Yolande, the count’s sister, and finds that his rival for the fair Yolande’s hand is none other than the despicable Duc de Tours, a notorious torturer of Huguenots.

  • Written by

Director: Frank Lloyd

Produced by
Joseph M. Schenck/Norma Talmadge
Writers: Frank Lloyd (adaptation), H.B. Somerville (story)
Stars: Norma Talmadge, Conway Tearle, Wallace Beery


Author: Old Boy

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