The Seashell and the Clergyman 1928

The 1929 Buñuel/Dalí production may well be the world’s most famous bit of early surrealist cinema, but it was not the first. That honor goes to another very strange (and indubitably surreal) short film screened in Paris in 1928, prompting the now infamous condemnation from the British Board of Film Censors. It insisted that the 31-minute film was “apparently meaningless.” They then added, “If there is a meaning, it is doubtless objectionable.”

Conflicts between a clergyman (Alex Allin) and a soldier (Genica Athanasiou) symbolically examine the effects of conformity and authority on society.

Director: Germaine Dulac
Producer: Germaine Dulac
Cast: Genica Athanasiou, Alex Allin, Lucien Bataille


Author: Old Boy

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