I Was Born, But… 1932


I Was Born, But…”) is a 1932 black-and-white Japanese silent film directed by Yasujiro OzuIt became the first of six Ozu films to win the Kinema Junpō Critics’ Prize. Ozu later loosely remade the film as Good Morning in 1959.

Two brothers, Keiji (Tomio Aoki) and Ryoichi (Hideo Sugawara), move to a new neighborhood in the Tokyo suburbs after their father, an office clerk, gets a promotion. The boys join the local gang as lowly new kids and emerge as natural leaders after defeating a bully. While visiting the home of their father’s boss, the brothers witness the ridicule their father has endured to please his superior. Angry and embarrassed, the boys find their naive ideas about power being challenged.



Author: Old Boy

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