The Toll of the Sea 1922

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From the Wikipedia entry for “The Toll of the Sea”:

“The Toll of the Sea is a 1922 American motion picture, directed by Chester M. Franklin, produced by the Technicolor Motion Picture Corporation, and released by Metro Pictures in 1922, featuring Anna May Wong in her first leading role. It was the eighth colour feature film, the second Technicolor feature, the first colour feature made in Hollywood, and the first colour feature anywhere that did not require a special projector to be shown. The original camera negative survives except for the final 2 reels. In 1985 the UCLA Film and Television Archive preserved the film from the original 35 mm nitrate negative. Because modern film technology was used to create a colour print instead of the original Technicolor Process 2, which involved cementing together two film strips base to base, the resulting image quality is likely better than the original prints appeared.”





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