Underworld 1927

Imdb 7.7


A series of “art” titles fill the screen to establish the mood: “A great city in the dead of night…streets lonely…moon clouded…buildings as empty as the cave dwellings of a forgotten age.” Then, an explosion rips apart the front of a bank. Criminal mastermind Bull Weed (George Bancroft) having “closed another account,” hops into the getaway car driven by his shabby but erudite associate Rolls-Royce (Clive Brook). With the police in hot pursuit, Bull Weed pauses long enough to drop a few bills into the tin cup of a blind beggar. Thus begins the classic gangland melodrama Underworld, a master blend of realism, expressionism and sentimentality served up by director Josef Von Sternberg and screenwriter Ben Hecht.


Author: Old Boy

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