The Wedding March 1928

Imdb 7.5


The Wedding March (1928) is a silent film directed by and starring Erich von Stroheim. It also stars Fay Wray and ZaSu Pitts. Paramount Pictures forced von Stroheim to create two films from the footage, the second being The Honeymoon (eventually re-edited back into one film for a re-release). The Honeymoon is now a lost film, the only known copy destroyed in a fire in France in 1957


Against the backdrop of Vienna’s hidebound caste system, aristocrat and army officer Nicki (Erich von Stroheim) falls for lowly commoner Mitzi (Fay Wray), knowing that it cannot last. Acquiescing to pressure from his family, he ultimately gives her up to marry the more socially acceptable — albeit crippled — heiress Cecelia (ZaSu Pitts). Mitzi, for her part, is heartbroken and must resign herself to marrying a churlish butcher, Schani Eberle (Matthew Betz).


Author: Old Boy

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