Die Nibelungen 1924 Part 1& 2

Imdb 7.9


After her husband is killed by Hagen (Hans von Schlettow), Kriemhild (Margarethe Schon) develops an intricate revenge plot. But Kriemhild also has to overcome her brothers, who long ago swore allegiance to Hagen. She flees to Burgundy to marry Etzel (Rudolf Klein-Rogge), king of the Huns. When she bears a child, she invites her brothers for a party, which soon turns deadly as the Huns attack Kriemhild’s brothers and Hagen. War is declared, and Kriemhild loses more than she bargained for.


Director: Fritz Lang
Producer: Erich Pommer
Film series: Die Nibelungen
Screenplay: Fritz Lang, Thea von Harbou

Stars: Margarete Schön, Gertrud Arnold, Theodor Loos

Part 1and 2 with English Intertitles

Part 1 and 2 together in German

or part 1

or part 1

with English intertitles


And part 2



Author: Old Boy

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